SEO Services Price per URL // Page

As a small introduction to our SEO Services, we would like to state a fact: Most SEO Services will offer to rank a specific Keyword or Keywords for determined pricing. A good example is the one I can show here :


It is very clear that the top of URLS of this Specific website in the precious metals industry rank for literally thousands of Keywords and we can see in the column keywords of the above image that there are more than 5 URLs that rank for more than 1000 Keywords each.

In the above specific niche where keywords difficulty raise over 70 once all links are built to reach the specific target which doesn’t mean you need to stop link building, it can be up to 9 Months to reach Top 4 places and I mean top 4 really meaning 1st page because in most keywords there are Videos, rich Snippets, and news especially in niches or events that are trending such as cryptocurrencies, celebrity news, etc.

So how is our SEO Service per URL done?

  1. We ask for access to Search Console and google analytics to check that everything looks according to protocol and no errors exist in the desired URLs to be ranked

2. We start an on-page check which includes all Metatags, Content

3. We extract the keywords from Google Search Console in case site is old

4. We study the URL competitors and we extract the rest of the keywords

5. We make a Link building Plan, We setup all necessary projects

6. You start seeing Fast SEO Results as soon as a 30 to 45 days

Depending on Keyword difficulty we have established 4 URL prices

The image above gives a very good idea on Keyword difficulty and according to this we have the following Scale pricing:

Keyword Difficulty Range 0 – 25 US$300 SEO per URL/Month

Keyword Difficulty Range 26 – 60 US$500 SEO per URL/Month

Keyword Difficulty Range 61- 80 US$800 SEO per URL/Month

Keyword Difficulty Range 81 – 100 US$1400 SEO per URL/Month

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