a Very difficult Search Engine Optimization in Google Case

This one has been of the weirdest projects I have ever done in Search engine optimization for real hi frequency Keywords with more than a Billion results which makes it also a Long process that generally get the few patients of the most Solid Entrepreneurs to run thin. I had a lot of experience ranking affiliate websites for many very complicated niches including forex and casinos both with great success so I decided to take a chance with this project which actually was a great SEO Challenge. The project went through several Google algorithm Updates and it did survive them all:). After it took me more than 7 months to convince the Board of directors they finally made the move to transfer the site from Joomla to WordPress, not because it was better but because it was an Old  very patched version Of Joomla which also brought me, as usual, a few sayings here and there with the site’s webmaster.


Images are worth a thousand words and of course in the SEO services case as proof that results were achieved. due to many factors and mainly that the niche of this Market has been very depressed for years made the actual monthly volume of searches to drop down, an event that I generally see with trendy things, events or products but almost never in a Solid Market as the Precious metals Market is.

I am attaching Reports for traffic from 2x Months being these compared between the month of the dates that can be seen in the PDF file names below .

Analytics Gold Price All Traffic 20180915-20181015

Analytics Gold Price All Traffic 20170701-20170731

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Just for a small update the current positions according to SEMRUSH


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October 16, 2018

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  1. seowizard

    Domain was Penalized by Google, that’s right


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